How To Start Your Tarot Journal

How To Start Your Tarot Journal


Starting and keeping a Tarot journal is a great way to connect with your intuition, hone in on your psychic abilities, and develop your personal relationship with your cards. 

Your Tarot Journal can become your sacred space for transformational and healing work. 


I recommend using a separate journal or notebook for your Tarot Journal. Most people try to combine all of their journals and personal writing into one place along with their calendars and mundane tasks. 

Instead, make your Tarot Journal a place where you can put your intentions and energy around Tarot into it. Choose a journal that looks good to you and makes you happy and excited to want to write in it.

If you want to combine your yearly planner with your Tarot readings to keep everything in one place, check out the Tarot Therapy Planner.


You can record your thoughts on Tarot, new meanings that come up for you in the cards, meditations, and readings in your journal. 

Write down what resonated for you during a reading as well as what didn't, whether it's a reading for yourself or someone else. 

Record meanings and snippets that you find on the internet or in books on Tarot that you find interesting or fun so that you can remember them later. 

Do some creative writing on your Tarot cards. Record spreads. Write about your meditations on Tarot. Write down who the characters in a movie would be if they are Tarot cards and why. Or write what card a song would be.  

The possibilities are truly endless! 


As you develop your relationship with your Tarot cards, and especially with different decks, you will discover that certain cards hold specific meanings just for you. 

You can use your Tarot Journal to record the meaning that comes up for you when you look at a card (remember to ALWAYS write what deck you are using!). 

You can also look up meanings in your favorite Tarot books and see which ones resonate with you. 

Pay attention as you do readings to any new meanings that come up. 

Here are some examples of what this can look like.


I have a friend who every time she draws the 8 of Wands from a specific deck, it means the person is about to have plumbing problems in their kitchen or bathroom. While we don't focus on "predictive" readings at Spiritual Badass, these things do come up, and it's important for her to note that this happens every. Single. Time. 

In the cases where she was able to warn her clients (as well as pay attention when it came up for her once), she has been able to save people thousands of dollars in potential bills and losses by inspecting their pipes and fixing thembeforethey break!

Without revisiting her Tarot Journal, she would have never seen this pattern or made that connection with this card. Dig through all of your Tarot books. There is no definition anywhere that says, "Check your pipes."

This is a very specific definition that has come up for this one person and only with this one deck. 


Once when I was reading at a fair in a small college town, the Knight of Swords came up over and over again for people who were about to go to college. 

This started to get a little redundant throughout the day, because almost everyone moved to that town or lived there to go to college, and I did a lot of readings over the course of many hours. 

At the end of the day, however, a very old gentleman sat down across from me and gave me some vague ideas about what he wanted to talk about. He was in his early 90's and had lived in the town for the past 40 years. 

When the Knight of Swords came up, I was hesitant to bring up the idea of going back to college. It didn't seem likely that someone in their 90's would start to pursue a degree, especially when he had already gotten one decades before and had a successful career behind him. 

But because of the circumstances of the day, I asked him if he had plans on going back to college because the cards were saying that he would be pursuing it. 

His eyes welled up with tears as he admitted that it was the question he had really wanted to talk about. He dreamed of going back to school to get another degree, this time in archaeology, because that was his real passion, not the "safe" degree he had originally gotten. But he wasn't sure if it was something he should pursue or if it was just a silly dream.

That day the power of the Tarot helped me to give this man the confidence that he was on the right track, that his dream was worthy to be pursued, and that he could happily tell his family about this decision. 

At no point before or since has the Knight of Swords come up for me to specifically mean that someone was going back to school. That meaning was for that day only, and I believe that it come up over and over again throughout the day so that I would have the exact information and experience to be prepared for that one reading with the man who really needed to hear it. 


Writing your Tarot readings in your Tarot journal is the perfect way to develop your skills as a reader. 

Write down the date, the deck you used, your cards, the question you asked, the spread you used and the meaning of each position of the card, and any insights you have along with the card meanings. 

Take a lot of notes on what this could mean for your life and how you want to use this information. 

Then come back to your Tarot Journal and revisit your reading in a few months. Note what has changed and what happened as a result of the reading. 

You can also write down any insights you have now based on new information as well as how you might interpret the cards differently with this new knowledge. 

All of these things will help you validate your own intuition, get more insight and intuitive hits in your readings, and help you continue to expand your meanings and definitions of the Tarot cards. 


Keeping a Tarot Journal will help you see your progress as a Tarot reader over time. You'll be able to develop your Mastery as well as see what skills develop faster and what you still need to work on. 

A Tarot Journal is an invaluable tool for personal as well as professional development. It will become one of your most important assets as you grow as a Tarot reader, whether you decide to seek Tarot Certification and become a professional reader, or continue to read for yourself and occasionally family and friends!

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