Religious Trauma Sucks. Let's do something about it.


Trauma affects all of our lives. I haven't met a single person who hasn't suffered from something at some time in their lives.

And what's worse is that most highly recognized and acclaimed treatments just aren't cutting it.

During my more than 13 years as a psychologist, I worked with hundreds of people who suffered from a variety of issues such as depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, dissociation, and comorbid disabilities.

My colleagues and I were taught Talk Therapy, CBT, hypnosis, and all of the latest psychological tools. 

But even with a PhD, 2 Master's Degrees, and a butt load of Certifications,  people still weren't getting better.

Traditional Talk Therapy Doesn't Work For Trauma 

And it wasn't just me. The entire field of psychology is full of people who are burnt out, frustrated, and tired of watching their clients make little to no progress. 

So I started using the Tarot Cards with my clients, and the results were staggering! 

Colleagues asked me to teach them what I was doing. Clients were seeing results faster and easier than they had in years. 

Eventually I left the field to go read Tarot Cards full time because of how good they work to access the subconscious and get to the heart of trauma and abuse. 

Now I teach these methods to others so that you can use Tarot Therapy in your own life, as well as with friends, family, and even your own clients!

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