3 Card Spreads That Make Reading Tarot Easy and Fun

3 Card Spreads That Make Reading Tarot Easy and Fun

Reading Tarot cards daily is essential for your personal development and to become more knowledgeable of the cards. 

But after a few days, the “Past, Present, Future” spread just won’t cut it. So what do you do instead? 

Here are some 3 card spreads to make your readings easy and fun!

1. Mind, Body, Spirit

This is my favorite go-to daily spread and helps you gain a wealth of insight into your life. 

Ask the Tarot what do you most need to know or focus on in each area of your life and see what the cards have to tell you to help guide you to a more complete and positive spiritual life. 

2. The Nature of Your Problem, Cause, Solution 

This spread is great for when you are trying to understand a situation at a deeper level. If you are more in an exploration phase than an action phase, use this spread to find out the meaning and lessons of your problem. 

Just don’t be surprised if the Tarot points in your direction as the “cause,” especially if you have a snarky deck. Be sure to ask if there are other factors that you haven’t considered, or how you have contributed to the situation so that you can move forward with greater insight. Personal responsibility is a sign of spiritual maturity. 

3. Situation, Most Likely Outcome, Action to Take  

This spread is best when you are trying to decide whether or not to make a specific decision or if you need to leave a certain situation. 

The Most Likely Outcome card will tell you where things are most likely to head right now if you keep on the same path and don’t change the actions you are taking. 

Once you have decided whether or not you like the way things are going and if you want that outcome, the Action to Take card can help you discover what to do to get more of what you want – or how to avoid the things you don’t want. 

4. Where You Stand Now, What You Aspire To, How To Get There   

Very Similar to the Situation, Most Likely outcome, Action to Take reading above, this spread will help you figure out your best action to take. 

The main difference with this spread is that it helps you figure out what you actually want. The What You Aspire To card can help you uncover hidden desires and get clear on the choices you’ve been making and where you actually secretly or subconsciously want to go.

5. What Will Help You, What Will Hinder You, Your Hidden Potential 

This spread is useful when you need to get more clear on other factors that are contributing to your situation. While it may bring up unexpected answers about your own abilities and issues, you can also expect answers that point to other people, opportunities, and factors that you may have not considered or even have previously dismissed completely.

This spread will help you connect to people around you who can lift you up and help you grow and transform your life. Accept that help gratefully from the Universe. We’re all in this together, after all.

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6. What You Can Change, What You Cannot Change, Hidden Factors 

This spread brings awareness and insight to other factors that are affecting your situation. Spiritual people like to believe that a connection to Divine Source means that they are in complete control and nothing will ever go wrong, but this just isn’t true. 

This is a humbling spread that helps you accept your place in the Universe, to do what you can about your situation, and to accept the things that you can’t control or change.

7. Challenges Of The Situation, Benefits Of The Situation, Lessons To Learn 

This spread is especially powerful if you are trying to change a certain situation or habit (your relationship, overeating, etc.) but can’t seem to make any progress. 

If you keep returning to the same situation or bad habits, this spread will help you understand the underlying reasons why so that you can address them and finally learn the lessons and move forward. 

8. Why He Left, What I Can Learn, What To Do To Move On  

Anywhere between 60% – 80% of requests for Tarot readings are questions based on relationships such as, “When will he call me again?” “Will I get my boyfriend back?” or even “When will my boyfriend leave his wife or girlfriend so we can be together?” 

Instead of pining over an unavailable man who doesn’t want to be with you, this spread can help you gain closure and understanding so that you can move on with your life as the confident, beautiful person you are (and eventually find your REAL Mr. Right). 

9. What You Want From The Relationship, What The Other Person Wants From The Relationship, Where The Relationship Is Headed

Most commonly used to gain understanding about a romantic relationship, I have found that the true power of this spread is with non-romantic partners. 

For example, parents, cousins, friends, even your boss or different co-workers. This relationship spread is a true blessing. I highly recommend grabbing your Tarot Journal and spending some time deeply contemplating each card when you do this spread! 

10. Option 1, Option 2, What You Need To Know To Make A Decision

This spread is great for when you’ve narrowed your choices down to 2 possible paths. 

My husband and I have used it to make decisions around whether or not to take a job and move to another state, which home to buy, and even whether or not to get a new pet. 

You can also use it for more every day mundane decisions such as where to eat dinner or which blouse to wear. It’s a really fun spread and helps develop your intuitive skills! 

Using these 3 Card Tarot spreads can help you boost your Tarot skills and keep your daily practice more fun and informative.  

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