The Choice Tarot Spread

The Choice Spread

We all have to make thousands of decisions throughout our lives. Sometimes these decisions can be simple and innocuous, like what to eat for dinner. At other times they may be major life decisions that will affect you and your family for years to come. So how do you make the right choice?  Enter the Choice Tarot Spread Or just Choice Spread, for short. This little spread can help you make decisions both big and small. My husband and I have used it to decide things like which job he should take or if we should move to another state (again).

This mighty spread is short but powerful, and is one of my go-to favorites when I have something on my mind and I need answers fast. 

What You Must Know About the Choice Spread

The Choice Spread is best for when you have your problem boiled down to 2 specific options. You're going to dig into each option to see what will most likely happen if you choose that option. 

You'll also draw a card for your present situation and what will happen if you decide to choose neither of the possible options. Sometimes this will help you see a different solution, or you might even decide to wait things out and see what opportunities might come up in the future.

After all, making no choice is a choice. 

How To Set Up Your Choice Spread 

Before you start dealing the cards or even shuffling them, take a minute to identify what Choice A is and what Choice B is.

For example, Choice A is to take the job in Tucson. Choice B is to start your own business.

The middle card would be to continue to stay in your present position, neither taking the job in Tucson nor starting your own business.

It's best to state your positions out loud.

If you're using a Tarot Journal, write down what each of the choices are before you start drawing cards.

As you shuffle, focus on the Choice that you are drawing cards for. I like to draw the cards in this order and leave them facedown until all cards are drawn:

  • Draw all 3 cards for Choice A
  • Draw the middle card, which represents the present and what will happen if you do not choose option A or B
  • Draw all 3 cards for Choice B

Reading Your Choice Spread   

Once you have all of your cards laid out facedown, turn over the 3 cards for Choice A.

Write down any gut feelings or anything that jumps out at you.

Do the cards look like a good or bad outcome? Write down your interpretation.

Then turn over the middle card, the card that shows your present and what will happen if you do not choose A or B.

How do you feel when you see this card? Is it what you want?

Finally turn over the cards for Choice B. Again write down any gut feelings or anything that jumps out at you.

Identify whether the cards look like a good or bad outcome. Write down your interpretation.

If you're not sure, refer to the definitions of the cards on your Tarot Meaning Cheat Sheet.

You can also step back and look at the cards between Choice A and B.

Just looking at each set of them, which one feels like the better choice?
Which one looks like the outcome that you would more like to have?

  Sometimes the cards will be very clear, such as Choice A showing the Tower, the 3 of Swords, and the Devil while Choice B shows the Sun, the 9 of Pentacles, and the 2 of Cups. 

What Topic Is the Choice Spread Good for?

The Choice Spread is good for a variety of topics. You can draw the cards on questions such as:

  • Should I have Mexican or Indian food for dinner?
  • Should I go to the movies or go ice skating?
  • Should I take the promotion or stay in my current position?
  • Should I collaborate with this person? (In this case Choice A could be to collaborate and Choice B could be not to collaborate)
  • Should I move to Hawaii or Florida?
  • Should I stay at my job or start a business?
  • Should I get my degree in health or finance?
  • Should I join the 24 hour gym or the gym with the pool?
  • Should I offer a new program or try marketing my current program again?
  • Should I start a podcast or focus on Reels?
  • Should I date Sam or Mike?
  • Should I start a business in baking or teaching people how to bake?
  • Should I offer Tarot Readings or Akashic Record Readings?
  • Should I hire this coach or that other coach?
  • Should I spend more time marketing myself or hire this virtual assistant?
  • Should I share this post or not (especially if it's scary or vulnerable)?
  • Should I buy the blue coat or the red coat?
  • Should I buy a better microphone or the better camera?
  • Should I focus on creating my online course or create a webinar?

As you can see, the Choice Spread can be used for many aspects of your life - your relationships, your career, and even your business!

Try your own Choice Spread and let us know how it goes. If you need help or feel like you are too close to an important choice to make a clear decision, it's always a good time to get outside support.

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