Rose Quartz Crystals and Their Meanings

Rose Quartz Crystals and Their Meaning


Amethyst Rose Quartz is a light pink stone and may sometimes be a reddish-pink (due to traces of titanium, iron, or maganese). It is usually translucent or may be transparent.

Rose quarts is common and naturally occurs in massive formations with no crystal formations, edges, or terminations.  Rose quartz can be found in the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, India, and Madagascar. It may be tumbled into various shapes, such as hearts. 


Rose quartz has been used as a love talisman since 600 BC and is still used in love and relationships today. It is said to bring about true love as well as increase self-love. 

Rose quartz facial masks have been found in ancient Eqypt and are thought to have been highly prized for beautification. It is thought that Egyptians as well as Romans believed that rose quartz has the power to clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles. 

Eros, the Greek God of love, is said to have given humans the gift of love in the form of rose quartz. In another Greek legend, it is said that Adonis was attacked by Ares in the shape of a boar. When Aphrodite tried to run to her lover, she was caught in briar bushes. When she found him, a mixture of their blood soaked into the nearby quartz stone, giving it its rosy pink hue and forming rose quartz . 

Tibetan and Oriental cultures have highly revered rose quartz, and it continues to be a prized carving stone used throughout China.


Rose Quartz is associated with the following: 

Chakras: Heart Chakra
Birthstone: October
Zodiac: Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

Rose quartz is an extremely potent love stone and strongly linked with compassion and unconditional love. It is a great stone for people just beginning to use crystals as its gentle energy helps enhance love and kindness of all kinds, including to self, others, and animals. 

Rose quartz is also a mothering stone and can be placed on the belly when pregnant and placed in the birthing room and nursery to enhance your relationship with your child.  

Rose quartz is essential for any healer. It heals emotional, psychic, and physical wounds. For small burns (first degree only), you can pour a rose quartz tincture over the wound to aid in healing. 

Rose quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system and can help repair the adrenals and kidneys. Placed over the thymus, it can heal the lungs and respiratory systems. 

Rose quartz heals old wounds and traumas and can aid through the grieving process.  Use Rose quartz to open your chakras to receiving, a necessary component of manifesting. It can be used to heal money wounds and stories around poverty and abundance, and can aid in financial wealth. 

Rose quartz also heals heartbreak and aids in healing loss of love or failed relationships, including with family and friends. It increases self-love and self-worth, encouraging acceptance of yourself and others as well as the ability to trust again. 


Wear a rose quartz necklace near your heart chakra to heal emotional and relationship trauma and to increase self-love. 

Place a large Rose quartz crystal on your night stand in order to attract a new romantic relationship and loving partner. If you find that you are attracting too many relationships or offers, place an amethyst crystal beside your rose quartz crystal in order to tamper the energy and make it more manageable. 

To enhance an existing relationship and bring more unconditional love and understanding to your current relationship, place a small rose quartz crystal in the love corner of your bedroom, which is the back right-corner as you enter the doorway and face the room. 

During forgiveness exercises and meditations, keep a rose quartz nearby. If journaling, place it on the table beside you. If meditating, hold it to your heart chakra or place both hands on the ground with a quartz crystal under your right hand or underneath both hands simultaneously. 

To connect with the Divine Mind or your God or Goddess, hold a rose quartz crystal near your heart chakra with your hands in prayer position. 

To heal generational and past life trauma, lie face-down and place a rose quartz crystal on the back on your neck. This is actually the back of your throat chakra, and will also aid in speaking your truth as well as speaking with love and compassion. 

For fertility work and healing, place a rose quartz crystal at your root chakra or carry one in your pocket. You can also use a rose quartz yoni egg.


Decide which of the following you want to do first:

1. Work on self-love (including forgiveness exercises and healing trauma).

2. Improve your current romantic relationship.

3. Call in your romantic relationship.

It is important to use one rose quartz crystal for one of these things so that the energy does not get confused or dissipated. 

Find a Rose quartz crystal that speaks to you and set aside some private time to commune with your stone. 

After cleansing your crystal, take 3 deep breaths and charge your crystal with your intention. You might wish to pass it through some special incense while you do this. 

Decide how you are going to use your Rose quartz crystal and where you are going to keep place it in your home or place it so that you can work with it on a regular basis. 

Remember to charge your Rose quartz crystal each month by sitting it under the light of the Full Moon, and recharge it with your intention. 

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