$497.00 USD

Tarot Therapy 101

Practical self-lead system to overcome Trauma. 

Inside, you'll get:

  • Trainings and walkthroughs to show you exactly how to use Tarot Therapy for yourself and your clients.
  • Examples on what your first and future sessions look like.
  • Supporting modalities and Somatic Exercises that activate your parasympathetic nervous system and help your body release trauma.
  • The Life Map Self-Assessment Tool and a bonus group video call addressing questions on how to use it and apply it to your own life and specific situation.
  • 5 step process to use the Tarot cards to access your Subconscious Mind, which drives 85% of everything you think, feel, say, and do.

and more! 

Get started with your own Tarot Therapy sessions and learn how to help others when you enroll in Tarot Therapy 101 right now.